April 30, 2002







Our Mission

The way that media covers a big story can have as much influence as the event itself. Society's understanding of an unfolding drama — as filtered through the media — directly impacts the outcome of that story, and has lasting political and cultural effects.

Our mission is to serve people passionately involved in media with a journal that analyzes the coverage of one big story that has lingered in the headlines and our thoughts.

Why this story? What got covered, and why? What was missed? Who shamelessly profited? Who made people wonder, "What were they thinking?" How did mainstream media organizations — from CNN to the Sacramento Bee — cover the story? What role did the Oprahs, Slashdots, and Der Spiegels of the world play? How will the coverage impact our lives and our world?

Our goal is to further the understanding of the intricate and interdependent relationships among the big story, its characters, its coverage and the impact of the media on society.

By influencing the community of media executives and creators responsible for this trend, we aim to deepen that community's understanding of the products it creates and the impact they have on public dialog.



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